Hello World. A few words to start my blog.

Monday Jan 6th 2104. The start of a new year (well ok, i’m only 6 days late) and to co-inside with setting up my new portfolio, i have decided to start writing a blog…finally. A place to share thoughts on work, design, technology and probably some other random topics along the way. See like most people in this world, i’ve been using the internet for a long time, since a wee boy, and its done me well. Thing is though i have always been a taker and not a giver; i’m always reading blogs, downloading stuff and gaining help and inspiration from other people but i have never really shared much myself, and that should probably change.

Now let’s be frank, i don’t really expect anyone to actually read my blog of course but i figure that theres a number of worthwhile reasons to start, so here we go…now i’ve made a start let’s see how this goes.